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A Updated
For the Nisi my Solicitor has told me I needed to sign an affadavit. I'm a bit niave really - never done this before - why should I know this stuff- I jut assumed she'd send me the form I;d sign it and send it back or maybe I had to sign it at their offices... but No, I either have to go to the County Court to sign it for free OR take it to another firm of solicitors and pay £7. I just burst into tears. The County Court is up the road from my employers where I was bullied and off work for 2 years with stress as a result so the whole area is very emotive for me - never mind the divorce nonsense. ironically in order to face my demons i went with my 8 yr old on a school trip nearby yesterday & could have gone into the court then :( Now its a city away... The hassle of having to sort this out with 4 small kids, a residual anxiety about driving/parking and anxiety about the court/area round the court is killing me. I want to be divorced but I do not want to GET divorced. i dont WANT any of this. i have enough to deal with, with day to day life and my emotions. i just want this to go away..

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Oh she bear. I am so sorry that it is so sad. I haven't got there yet, but similar time frame and I dread it happening,
but want it to be over and done with. Well done for getting this far she bear. Hang in there ascatfish.
After 3 sleepless nights, I signed my affadavit in court today. It was very clinical, took less than 2 minutes. One rubber stamp and 28 years of marriage is all but over. I NEVER wanted this but there is no other way. Now...it is DONE. I just feel numb but waiting would change nothing.
Take small steps, be prepared to feel sad and do things in your own time.
One day this will all be over and you will be in a happier place. Good luck getting a satisfactory settlement too xxxxx
Well done ascatfish.

Remember - How to eat an elephant?

Break it down into elephant burgers and eat one little bit a time.

Or for the animal lovers amongst us, tiny steps, one little bit at a time. Well done ascat - sounds like you've taken a small step for ascat but a huge step for .....oh you finish the rest.

I understand about wanting it over, but not wanting it. You are doing brilliantly. Any Mum of 4 is exhausted without this. Be kind to yourself.....sc
Whoo-hoo Ascat!

One step at a time that long journey is made shorter!

well done hun you be fine it will all be over soon stay focused and strong x
have spoken to my Sol Patrick - i want the finances sorted, he wants the divorce, so not proceeding with divorce till he has done the full financial disclosure, and done an agreement I am happy with - fell much better now :D
Deal with this and it will go away, dodge it and it won't go anywhere.
Also to top it all - do i need photo Id for this? I cant find my passport (it runs out sometime this month anyway) and my drivers licence is not a photo one :( Arrrgh