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Didnt see that coming - the opposite!

E Updated
Shocked - frustrated and gutted! This trough has taken me by surprise. I really thought i was seeing some light at the end of this long tunnel but it was a false dawn. So following the FA a surveyor was appointed and she demanded being there when he came to value the property I inherited a share in. Its a small holding with issues! Previous valuations where never high enough for my S2BX so i spoke to her and said can we get a suvey done and agree on that being the value... yes she says! Result we can move forward. So i set it up and "I cant be there, out of the country"... so he comes and his report comes back vindicating the previous 3 land agents view on price within 7% or so. But as expected this too wasnt good enough for her... So we agree a surveyor at the FA. The result of which has knocked me for six. My solicitor cant believe it and has asked me to give her a call to chat about it. The new surveyors value for the court is 70% higher thn anyting we have seen! 70%!!!! it is in fact double what one local land agent valued it at just a year ago! This is fro the surveyor appointed at the FA... as such I doubt I will have any further say in the matter. Absolutely knocked flat. I cant deal with it at the moment but the crux of the matter is i somehow have to find a huge sum of money or try and convince my brother to buy me out or I have to sell up. This is the family home for 3 generations. I have been lower than low for 3 days now. Its now not "only money" its a huge blow for my close family. One we never saw coming. In addition to this my daughter called last week to say she has dropped out of Uni... disappointing does not cover it. She struggled at the end of last year and thought about changing courses... then after speaking to people decided to carry on only to drop out one week into her second year. Now she has applied to start a new subject but thats for sept 2015! So We are left with her wanting to stay living in the uni town and start attending lectures etc in her new chosen course to get ahead a bit. No mention of getting a job or anything like that! Bank of Mum n dad is running dry.... Life is pants this week. Really didnt see either of those things coming in that way at all. Roll on the weekend!

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Sorry to hear that, Sox. Quite a few serious blows one on top of the other. Good luck sorting it out- or accepting that there is little you can do.
Geography! I won't say a word ...
Sorry re typos... Not great posting via a phone!
Nothing better than sound advice from peoe who have lived through similar circumstances so thanks All.
Pixy... You will be pleased to hear her love of history has won through. Something I encouraged her to follow but the careers team pushed her towards geography. She should have followed her passion! She had an interview next week for the swap. Fingers crossed. Her mum just thinks we should carry on bank rolling her which is fine when you have a nice mortgage free house. My living situation is not so cut and dry since she approached the council regarding the agri tie.

The surveyor new all of it Pixy. His subjective view err'ed in her favour in all aspects of the valuation. But I have found so e flaws in it so there maybe some scope for I computable in a minor way.

I am past the initial plummet into the trough. I have friends with far greater life issues. And one good mate who kicked my backside today. I need that so ruined and he is reliable in the common sense dept there.

Sol can't chat til Monday so a weekend to try and not worry too much and get back to 'onwards n upwards'.

Thanks again all. Sometimes you tend to think you are the only one to be in a situation!
Does surveyor know about the agri condition? Is the market exceptionally hot your way? In my bit of London it all went crazy for a few months and prices went up something like 30 %. Not 70%! And it has all quietened down although I hear the madness is rippling out to bits of the provinces. You obviously need to query it.

My daughter swapped courses at uni. It added to her student debt :( but hey she got through it, and is now a very well paid young lady. When life is in turmoil it doesn't give a good basis for choosing courses - and that's without even taking into consideration how different uni is from school.

I can only imagine how crap you must be feeling right now Esox, This journey has indeed been a very frustrating one for you. It was a relief to read that things seemed to be getting better with more of a balance and that you were indeed turning a corner. This valuation, if correct takes you a long way back, but the valuation is not wrote in stone and your ex should see that you need to take advice on this, after all it is her, who in the past spent a lot of time delaying the process. I'm not saying tit for tat, that's just rubbish but don't be rushed as I can imagine she will want this to be rushed through, now that it suits her to do so.

As for you daughter, I can see it being a step back that you would have preferred her not to be taking but is it better that she stops something that she knows is wrong for her rather than continue on a degree course that she doesn't want. You could ask her how she intends to support herself until next year, nothing like romping home the reality button.

I truly hope that for you this is just a temporary blot on the landscape.

LG xXx
Deep breath. Take one thing at a time,
1. The over-ambitious value by the surveyor on the smallholding - you need to query this with your solicitor and check that local land value has not dramatically increased. Do not just roll over and accept it.
2. Get your family on side to help you find out what options you may have regarding this land. DO NOT MAKE ANY INSTANT DECISIONS.
3.Your daughter- Point out to her that it's fine for her to change her mind about Uni but if she has dropped out and is deferring her place until Sept 2015 then her student loan will not be active and rather than attending extra lectures, the reality is that she will need to get employment if she wishes to stay in her uni town- it can be done, my youngest son deferred Uni for a year during the divorce and I couldn't support him, so he worked in a large ,local hotel for 12 months -it wasn't easy but he persevered and went back to Uni the following year, eventually graduating successfully 2 years later. Tough love.