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Dream holiday realised, but never dreamt this one.

B Updated
Well, as my previous blog, just wanted to update a little, not been here for a while, just amazes me how many floods of people continue to arrive. Anyhow as last blog, married in october and honeymoon last month. Not so many years ago, I didnt think I would be in a position to even get my caravan to europe again let alone fly emirates to south africa, on the way stayin gin a gold room in Dubai.... Just goes to show you, this Karma thing, its real al right. My new wife is wonderful, we are in love as much now as when we met, we had the most wonderful time on our honeymoon, 2 weeks of ebing together 24/7 and it was bliss. Sometimes my ex throws a spanner in the works but it doesn't wind me up or bother me so much anymore, I used to constantly try to prove myself, prove her wrong, I think we know where we stand, but she never gives up, controlling people are always that control, you will never, never change your ex, if they are controlling spiteful etc, they always will be, learn to let it dissipate over your head, whilst ever you have young kids around that will be so, and whoever has them the most will be in control. I know I do as much as I can for my kids and I have as much influence on them as i can, my ex is not a full shilling but there is nothing I can do about that, my son is struggling a little, but he will grow up soon enough and be able to make his own decisions. Fot now we are more than riding the storm, generally we are on calm seas, we help each other, my step kids are all in their twenties and they bring their own problems...! However we are planning buing a house together probably next year so that is the next plan, something for my new dewalt stuff to get stuck into....

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Bobbin' - I have not seen you around for a while. I am both astonished and highly delighted by your blog. A great 'there are sunny days after the storm' story My very best wishes to you both.