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eleven years on

R2 Updated

Hni i used this sight loads when i first starting the nightmare of a relationship ending in divorce. i had good advice and support from mitchum and sunflower. and another member jackie who i still speak to privately.

I left the site about 5 years ago as i felt i needed to to move on and not dwell on the past. I thought some of you might like an update

This year i was 60 on my birthday. I am still single and never had another relationship since divorcing. That might sound frightening and to be honest i always thought i would meet someone else in the early days. However i am really happy being single. My two children now 29 and 26 are still at home but the older one is moving out soon as he has bought a house.

My only problems really are finances as although i work full time i am on a low income. i worry about that a lot especially since i have had a few health issues . i worry about being able to work till i am 66. but covid has made me reevaluate my worries. we never know what is round the corner so i try to live in the present.

As for my x he has gone from one girlriend to another the one he left me for lasted 3 years and he never lived with her. so is he happy? i dont think so. my daughter who was so upset when he left has never spoken to him despite me trying to get her to. so he has lost one child and to be honest doesnt bother with the other one so sad really. I am much more independant than i used to be i am getting a wizz at diy . Dont get me wrong i have been through some tough times especially with my son who has major anxiety issues and is on the autistic spectrum many a time i would have liked a partner to bare some of the load but you just have to get on with what you are dealt with in life. I hope anyone that remembers me are fit and well and happy .

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