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Ever worse treatment.

T Updated

Not for the first time my wife said she does not trust me.

This time she made be stand about 2 meters away while when checked her emails "because I cannot trust you". A bit much from some one who tries to peer at my emails and IMs every time she comes anywhere near my computer.

My real concerns are the screaming every time I speak to my family, and that the rows are making it difficult for our older daughter to study. For the first time she has said that it is affecting her studies. I am going to speak to the school about it - they have very good support in general. I am worried she is going to find it embarrassing but I can hopefully talk to her personal tutor in confidence at least for now. I really do not want her A-levels messed up.

It was bad enough that she had shouting on the morning of one of her GCSEs. To be fair wife's father had died the previous week and she was upset, but taking it out on your kids is just not right.

I am just starting on this. I wish I could share the recording I have of her screaming at me.

That is why I am here: I have given up on sorting out the problems. its apparently all my fault so she does not need to do anything: not even get treatment for a diagnosed mental illness.

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