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evil tormentor

S Updated

i hate nightmares i hate the palpitations hes spitting blood all over me i punched him in the belly to find morgan hes sealed him in a container my niece will go mad if hes hurt her son i must find morgy i have a dog with me i tell it find morgy im screaming morgy where are you i know hes hurt his neck it could be broken i cant get to him i run to the beach for help everyones ignoring me as usual, hes trying to get to me to talk i run everytime i see him

this is him acting it he has a new flat hes doing a great job trying to get my house claiming to be mental hes no longer sectioned hes getting everything on a plate im the victim of domestic abuse i still have nightmares 10 long years later he held knives to my throat he strangeled me he belted me i had constant grief when i was in sight of him the horrible scottish law is helping my tormentor continue his abuse he is now watcing me going past his new place he stands out in the street staring at me i hate him so much i cant escape him i need to change my job now if im going to end up in the middle of the night with more nightmares

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today i went to a new lawyer he asked what had been happening i took evil ex`s dates of seperation not mine as mine was before but i cant prove it, i feel a bit better someones listening im scared yet though as the 2 dealing with the divorce have been terribe his with abusing LA and not a thing i can do about it,mine all the mistakes oh my the new lawyer said 10 years and no divorce dont i know it iv paid her nearly 8 years for nothing iv never seen a letter she sent to his lawyer so cant tell him whats been happening, im praying hes good and honest its bad they have me thinking this way im was way to trusting my friends all told me go to another lawyer i did iv been to a few here none seem to want to take it on, so asked for one in gla i found on here, and he seen me whoo hoo, im quite chuffed i have hope of being free now, im mad iv paid out all my hard earned cash for nothing i have no life as i need to constantly save to pay her, i was over the moon when he asked if ex paid the mortgage oh my what a relief mine had me told i was to give him 30k when he was due 3.5k for the 8 months on my house, i have lost an extra 10 years of my life filled full of fear and stress losing sleep i think iv had ocd, i think of this every day and night im responsible for my passengers safety so force myself to stop thinking,how wonderful this wikivorce is thank you so much for having lawyers adverts on here
oh thanks iv been nightmare free since taking pills from the doctor and i keep telling myself he cant get near me anymore, but he has moved to the area i work in and hes watching stareing he knows the time my bus goes down by and hes on my route watching me im the bus driver so cant alter my route, i love my job but im thinking of moving back to where i used to work someone retires in 6 months,he has haunted me for far to long.
Oh my dear god. I don't know how to help. I wish I did. Others who know more about DA will be more constructive. I just didn't want to leave your blog unsanswered.