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Ex moving out

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Well at long last the day has come when my almost ex is moving his stuff out, I'm am pleased this is happening but part of me feels sad. He is taking his half of the furniture and household things, so the house will look strange without them. I am going to be here for , hopefully only a couple of weeks before I also move out. Our eldest son has come to help his dad , for which I am grateful as he is good at keeping the peace between us, my ex is often very self centred and this is already obvious this morning , he is taking our main fridge freezer, we have another freezer in the garage into which I have put my food, now he is saying he wants that one too and is going to leave me another freezer we have, that came from a rented house we have sold, but he has not had the foresight to plug it in and get it working ! I am going out for most of the day which I think will be best, we have an agreed list of furniture so hopefully he will stick to that. We have had a slight hiccup to the sale as well, our neighbours have appealed against planning permission being turned down and the buyers now want a reduction in the price . More stress ! The chances of the appeal being upheld should be slim as the planning permission has been turned down 4 times over the last 10 years.

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Hey, Clear out the clutter is a well-known FengShui technique. Good luck with it all.
Hi Xargie Hope things a little easier for you now. Carly-you have summed it up so well - pack, cry, seal - boxing up the remnants of the life we thought we had. It can be painful moving forward. Hope your move goes smoothly Xargie x
Hope it's all over now and you only have your move to think about. Like Mitch said, it's really hard to do. Packing up the leftovers of our life isn't easy. Each box filled with so many memories that just open up the floodgates for tears.
Best advise I can offer is pack, cry, seal and put those boxes and memories out of sight until you are "hard enough" to re-open them.
In the mean time keep on display the good times that hurt the least. For me that was a picture wall in my rented / healing place. Ex excluded!
Not sure what it says about him, but it says a lot about you that you can rise above this mean behaviour. Dividing up the home is very hard and when someone is being petty and selfish it makes it even worse. (I think it was shoegirl who said her ex insisted on taking the fish slice.)

It has been a long time coming and you have been sorely tried on occasions, but it's now at an end, and you'll have your new life in your new home very soon now. May you have lots of happiness there! xx

Xargle, well done for sounding quite laid back about the whole thing. It is bound to be fraught, and to annoy, even if you know it is all for the best. I hope you feel better when this is over, although you have a strange interim in your home, you are moving forwards and things will be more positive in time xxx
I want to wish you luck with the move. I don't know as yet if I am going to have to go through this as I am still in FMH. I've tried to discuss finances but he won't play ball, so I am leaving it til medication.

Such petty things matter to them - a fridge freezer - really - just another control by them I suppose.

The sun is shining where I am, and I hope it is for you and you have a great day.

Take care xx
(((Xargle))) what an a*shole! One freezer isn't enough? Sigh.... any wonder why they are now our exs!! When you do get home from being out make sure you have a glass of something and toast to a new beginning. We can't turn back time. We can learn from it and use it to make us wiser but that's about it. Tomorrow is a new day and I hope it brings better things.
Hang in there Xargle, even though you've been looking forward to this, these milestones are always bittersweet with relief mixed with sadness. Maybe tinged with a bit of outrage when our former spouses do things like taking both freezers on the day they move out - no way!