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Farewell Annex Man

O Updated
Posted forum and blog so all friends receive the thank you. We wish for Karma but... Earlier I posted: If this is is karma take it away. This is a thank you and a tribute to all Wikis who have supported me since I joined this site. Too many names to remember, but just wanted to say a big thank you for the last 4 years. Death is not what we wish on someone who was part of our life for more than half of our years on this earth. More below

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Just a big thank you to each of you for all your support. Feeling a little better today as I have gone back to work, so spending less time dwelling on what has gone. But can't quiet look to the future yet.
As my son said, it gets better and it will be better!

Love Carly xx
Also just want to let you know I'm so sorry to hear this has happened and can't imagine how difficult and painful it must have been to deal with OW in these last few months and with the funeral. x
I just want to send my love and best wishes to you.
Stay strong in the coming years and know that what you had was special and can never be taken away.((Hugs.))
Dennis passed away on 8/6/15. I was called too late to say good bye and the last time I was allowed to see him was a week earlier.
We parted friends, parents and grandparents and he will always have a place in my heart.
He kept asking was there something he could get me to remember him by, my reply was always “No, all our memories are locked in my heart”.
So I have a memory locket from him. He gave it me before he died and engraved on it was “To the world you are one, to me you are the world”. I wore it daily during the last 2 weeks of his life and when he said how lovely it looked, OW could only reply “I can't wear mine yet”.
Someone once said, this woman will never be your friend, and how true that statement has been.
At his funeral, she created this life that he supposedly had over the last 4 years where he had lived with her, wiping out anything that had gone before. But I guess in her world that was her reality. I know I saw and spoke with him most days and he spent the nights in the annex with the van on the drive! Maybe I was just seeing things!
It was hard to listen to. But my son recognised that it was her fantasy.
It was sad that a man of 54 years was only spoken about for 4 years of his life and his family of 28 years mentioned in passing.
I know she has as much right as me to grieve.
I saw him as much as was allowed in the days since his diagnosis. I have pictures taken with his son and grandson and tons of text messages (not all were good day / bad day), some talking about how he wished we emigrated or carried through our early retirement fantasy. I also have texts from OW telling me to stay away, followed by others asking why I had not visited?
I tried so much to respect their relationship, but she failed to respect mine and his need to be close to his children.
Wish I had been so much more aggressive. But that is not me, it's not the reason we married and had kids or stayed together so long.
And it's because of our relationship that the first text following his diagnosis said: “I'm so sorry, I loved you so much. We fell out of love but you were so much of my life. I do miss you and the kids so much, please forgive me. I know I have hurt you”.
So thank you once again for your support and friendship.
And the parting post from my FB time line allegedly shared: “Just want you to know: Love the picture wall which included our children and grand child. Sad it was only this year's pictures. There were so many more memories that could have been captured over the last 28 years. Just need you to know we all love you so much. Don't think you can ever forget someone who was the reason that once made you smile”.

A really heartfelt thank you to you all.
Carly xxx