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FDR approaching - no idea what to expect!

G Updated
A few hours over the weekend going through her Eform and pleasantly surprised. No real surprises. some obvious assets left out and some nice new credit card debts but in the big scheme of things there abouts what i thought. So questionairre sent to my sol this morning was very small. It has occurred to me though that i have no idea what is going to happen at the FDR. Some reading required! Her figures add up this time. Hooo bloddy ray. Had her first eform sent in 18 months ago been like this one we would have sorted it by now i think. Wishfull thinking maybe! My daughter is coming to the end of her train journey around Europe and hits Milan today (shoping tastic i think). As a dad who obviously does not feature very much in a teenage daughters spare time plans (do any dads....) its the little moments together that mean so much. I know some dads moan about being Dad's Taxi but she rarely asks me to do much for her being an independant soul... So a little chuffed when she asked me to collect her from the airport yesterday... is it quite sad to be chuffed to be asked! Well I must be a right saddo then... :o) Cant wait to hear about her trip. In my mind i have plans to take her to Asia when she finishes Uni and spend a month or so travelling living out of a backpack. Maybe the chinese wall after that who knows.... plenty of overtime required! Little dreams keep me motivated. Optimistic at present. Despite the obvious attacks on my family and I which are obviously coming soon. Deep breaths and lets get through it! Onwards n upwards, hopefully as quickly as possible!

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Keep dreaming those dreams esox. :)

Time with your girl is precious and I think it's great that she asked for your help. Being independent doesn't mean she doesn't need her Dad sometimes! xx

Independance is new to me Afon... but I hope she does travel a lot more than I did in my youth. A designer shirt... ha! Some hopes ;)
Esox...I hope that this part is as painless as possible,she has put you through hoops...
A worrying time for all of your family,but thankfully a resolution is close...
Regarding C,who knows..maybe a designer shirt for you lol..
Then again maybe not!!!
Enjoy that special time coming from the airport....
C is lucky to have a dad like you,and your so very lucky to have a daughter like her.umm the independance streak???I wonder who she inherited that from????

Best of luck with your FDR..
Luv and cwtchs
Sand xx