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Fight or flight

B Updated
I am going through a period of 'flight' emotions. I want all of this to be over and done with. I am harbouring thoughts of leaving where I live and going home. I think there are a few reasons for this: too much to drink over the weekend certainly lowers the mood, and not eating properly has probably contributed. I am trying to keep in mind that divorce is a project, and projects have many facets and elements. I need to just keep dealing with each element as it comes along and try not to think of the myriad of things still to do and what could go wrong at every stage. I need to work hard to effect the outcome I want and if things go wrong, I need to make new plans and be at peace with those decisions. Most of all though, I need to be good to myself. I need my health and my sanity more than anything because without those two things, nothing else is going to happen.

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Vastra, that's a superb analogy! I will be keeping that in mind from now on. I managed to eat properly yesterday (not just the metaphorical elephant) and also cooked a healthy soup for the freezer and those days when you really can't muster the energy. I feel a little brighter today. A bit more balanced and in control. Thank you for your kind comments.
I think many of us have discovered through trial and error that it helps to eat well, keep active and have minimal or no alcohol. Drinking feels better briefly but ultimately makes a low mood and anxiety worse, which is not what you need now. Following on from the food topic, another favourite wiki analogy of mine is that divorce is like "eating an elephant" in that it takes a lot of time and effort and you can only take it one little bite at a time.