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E Updated
So it was not just me who thought she was being unreasonable! My barrister today rocked.... Having been really worried yesterday (I like a plan, a back up plan too if poss and I didn't see one in place), my lovely lady cooked a lovely meal and we chatted about what is really important in life. She made me realise what the stbx was doing was wrong and the judge would see through her. And that is basically what happened!she was shown to be a greedy bitch! She was put right on the spot and caught out through her lies. I am spending £3700 pcm and need that plus 10% in future. So my barrister says well you only declare you earn 2400pcm so you must have additional income you ate not declaring.... Can you let us have the detaild p!ease...lol My barrister won all the big arguementd. Feeling much better now! My s2bx was a mess.... In the end I just wanted to give her a hug. My barrister was great.... Just wanted to give her s hug too! A good day ;0)

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What a shame and a waste of life to thwart it engaged in greed. This woman is so driven by it. If only she could better utilise this drive on something more worthwhile. I hope that justice prevails and a fair outcome is reached. I hope your stbx starts to see and glad that the judge did see and saw straight through her.

Good luck esox , warmest wishes to you

LG xXx
It's not over till the fat lady sings, so like Pete I counsel caution. But cross fingers, maybe the fat lady is going to sing earlier than you thought
Hoping its resolved fairly is what we all want surely.
I know that is a simplistic view( I'll say it before HRH :) :))
And one persons fair is not the same as another's especially with the Stbx's. Greed and selfish self- interest is not a pleasant thing to witness in people we once gave everything too.
Got to the stage with my stbx behaviour to expect the worse,hope for marginally better and be pleasantly surprised if it is.

Hope judges words are heeded.

stay strong and remember onwards and upwards xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Good advice from the judge. I hope your stbx takes it.
Good luck.
I have no ilusions that it will cost me a few bob but I was thinking nobody could see her for what she is and what she is doing.
I take no pleasure in her being upset or stressed... my main feeling with regards to her is frustration tbh. It could all have been so much more simple.
HRH.. I take the advice and heed it. I have sat in a "worse case scenario" chair for quite a while and until there is something on paper to say the cotrary thats where i will sit.

Hopefully she will take heed of the judges advice at the end of the day... "I will adress Mr and Mrs XXXXX personally for a moment here, you dont need to come back to court to resolve this issue. Take the details away and talk. You should be able to resolve this amongst yourselves. If you dont your costs will escalate and i can tell you both that the next appearance will be far more stresful and emotional. I advise you to talk and try hard not to be here in front of me again". Wise words and I am all up for it!
Sounds like you are a caring man Esox if you still had the urge to give her a hug. Your "better not bitter" mantra must be working.

Afon - you're a mind reader! Just what I have been thinking - so very sad that it all comes down to finances in the end. Suppose I am only just discovering what many on here already know.
Lies are always seen for what they are.
Hopefully things will go how you want them to go,
Not her way,not your way!!!
Just fairly....

Just so sad that it all comes down to money,
Stay strong.. ;)

Afon Xxx
Until you get the final judgement. I wouldn't get optimistic or pessimistic.
The only two minutes of the whole procedure that'll count for anything is what the judge decides.
Being a bloke your so far in a hole before you start. It's like being on Minus 100 percent before you even start.
It's a process don't make any emotional investment in it.
Know she knows she is being greedy too!! Did you get any idea of what should happen or is just a case of moving to next stage?