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Floods of tears

D Updated

The last couple of days have been very hard. Overwhelmed by tears last night, feeling so lonely and unwanted. Thank goodness a friend from a depression group realized how low I was and gave me a phone call. Today, it was a case of trying to keep calm enough to go to my IT course, but as soon as I was driving home, the tears started again. At least my daughter's going to be home this week - A level exams.

There's a scenery painting session at the theatre tonight, and it's back to my usual struggle between feeling I ought to go and help, but just not having the energy or motivation to do it. There are over 50 members of the group - surely some of them will turn up? One of the main reasons for resigning as secretary last year was to stop feeling obliged to take part in everything. I've been doing it for 28 years.

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Thanks, both of you, for commenting. Especially under the circumstances, Karen. The actual divorce procedure was a long time ago, for me. But I still don't trust anyone.
I've belonged to this drama group since 1979, my ex joined once we got married in 1982, his latest wife joined when I was pregnant with our daughter in 1989. They've all been 'on my side', as he was always very unpopular. But I don't feel I have friends I can rely on.
I hope you have cheered up a little, look in the mirror and smile at yourself. I am new to this just about to get a solicitor, ex to be has moved money remortgaged, its my birthday to day and I have an adulterous husband, no home and no job, as I worked with him. Trust has gone, but your note touched me I hope you can smile again soon.
I think it's worth going out if you can - at least, that's what I would do. When I was in a drama group, many years ago, I found it very supportive. And the members didn't just help people when they were having a really bad time. They also helped them when they were coming out of the bad time and ready to do more with friends. You'll know if your group is like that. And it sounds as if it might be their turn to help you as you've ne a lot for them.

Having said that, you don't have to go either - but keeping in touch with people is a good idea.

And good luck to your daughter with her A-levels - my daughter's at the same stage.