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Fun times

X Updated
Following on from methus blog I spent some time this morning at my local GUM clinic being tested for every known std. I told my Stbx last night that I was going for a check up his response was, I trust my new partner she won't have anything wrong with her, like you can tell by looking , and I must only be doing it to get ready for having sex with someone else. Unbelievable ! Weekend about to get better though I am going to London tomorrow with my lovely daughter in law , we are staying over and going to see Les Mis.

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This time ?

No repeats xargle, we can't go through this again !!!

Ha. Nige
not heard anything from the clinic so seems i have been lucky this time x
Unfortunately we do sting >:(

You did the right thing xargle but stxb is delusional is OW pure then???
Driven Snow comes to mind .....of all OW/OM

Hope all comes back clear.
Reminds me of the last time I donated blood...'have you had sex with anyone from Africa?' Well my husband works there but he would never do anything like that! Well you live and learn don't you :(
Good for you for getting checked up Xargle - if my own experience is anything to go by, you cannot trust them in any sense of the word, so better be safe than sorry. I hope your results come back clear x
Hi, well done for going for the tests it will be worth it to get peace of mind, have no words to express what your STBX said about OW not having anything,T***er!. Have a fab time in london.
Hi Xargle - I think you are doing the right thing going for tests. I did after my STBX left me, thank goodness everything came back negative. It is a worry but fingers crossed all the tests come back clear.

What a crass thing to say that he trusts his partner not to have anything wrong with her. Unbelievable!! These people really have no moral compass.

Try not to worry and have a lovely weekend in London. I have never seen Les Mis on the stage and would love one day to do so. X