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good to read other people have same probs

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im stressed out im on hols this week i usually waste them by not doing the thinks i want to do as im scared to spend my wages i keep saving to pay lawyer its been 7 and a half long years and 9 and a half seperated

i hate the palpitations after nightmares or reading on dv website it makes me worse i signed up to help others i can be strong when im at work then i go onto my sites and im a wreck, im obsessed think i have ocd about getting a divorce i think of it day and night the pills the doc gave me to calm down dont always work i give myself a good talking to i wake up singing iv a song stuck in my head music is one of the things that gets me through this nightmare i adore it, my son gives me a good talking to he puts me right calms me down he went through the nightmare with me he should never have seen things hes sensitive like me but a lot stronger.

i want my life back i want a holiday every year not to book and fob it off on someone else im booked again for next summer so now iv found here i hope i get somewhere and find a good lawyer who will get me a divorce, im worried i need my life to be mine.

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