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A Updated

Do you ever get the feeling you'd like to say goodnight to someone?


I do.


Mostly it's allright being the only grown-up. And it's a very long time indeed since I came home to a hug or queries about how my day had been. Mostly it's easier being alone.


In theory I could always ring someone for a chat. But you know how it is - I don't like to be that pathetic, newly single person who rings just as a favourite TV programme comes on. So weekends are just a bit lonely.


And it's nice to say goodnight to someone.


So goodnight, all of you reading this. Sleep well. And have a good week.


(Isn't anonymity wonderful?)

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Thanks for that. There are definitely times when it's nice to go to bed alone just as there are times when a cuddle would be good. And I can lie in bed and read without anyone telling me to turn the light out - and if I wake up in the night I can turn the radio on.

And I can have lovely dreams too.

Know how you feel, going to bed and getting up alone are the worst bits. Then I remember there's nobody snoring, tossing and turning, whingeing (not sure hw to spell that) if I go to the toilet in the wee hours. I could do with a cuddle tho.

And I know what you mean don't like to put your loneliness on to to others. Don't want to feel or seem pathetic and I've got my pride and dignity. Which is why I like this site feel among like minded people.

Before I go to sleep I plan a nice future life for myself and cuddle my pillow.

Good Night All

A bit late, but night night from me too. And I know what you mean about week-ends, I've hated them for years.

Athene..... Nanite and godbless, dont let the bedbugs bite!!! sending you a hug, dream well. ;)

happy dreams