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hanging out the washing

A Updated

It's gone midnight and there's still washing in the machine. I'm plainly turning into an eccentric old lady - but what's so bad about that?

I've just hung up the first load of washing. Some had to go on the radiators - the house is going to be SO hot tomorrow! - but apparentlt teenagers need to wear the same clothes every day. Favourite clothes are on the heaters. The rest is out on the line.

The big problem with hanging clothes on the line at night is the moths. As soon as the door opens, they're attracted by the light - and hanging up the washing at midnight in the dark would be too eccentric. Anyway, I woudn't see what I was doing. I just had to chase a moth off the keyboard. It was a small moth and I was very gentle - but I couldn't see how to get it outside again.

There's still some washing up to do. Still, no-one's complaining and I'm running my own life.

It's a shame I have to be up early. I'd rather like to read in bed for a while ... but it wouldn't be a good idea.

Goodnight, all - and thanks for the friendly comments.

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I got the washing in at about 10 tonight, having reluctantly hung it out as it seemed quite windy rather than taking the easy way out and putting it in the tumble drier. My teenagers know they have to wait till I get round to doing the washing, drying and ironing. If they want anything earlier, they could do it. Nothing ever seems to be that necessary, however.
I shall, if necessary, explain the advantages of nudism - not to mention the value of acquiring the useful skills of operating a washing machine, thinking ahead, etc. Of course, the teenagers will be plugged into MP3 players and unable to hear a word.
There's nothing bad about being eccentric, Athene. I've warned my lot I'm going to be a mad old bat in my dotage and daughter says she will put me in a home lol I said she will have to pay for it!!! Hope washing is dry for the morning or else teenagers will have nothing to wear - yeah, right