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Happy New Year .. Can it be ?

R Updated
Of course it can. ... However battered and brused we might be from the fall out and from whatever point we might be on that journey I want to extend a hand of friendship and best wishes to any Wiki readers who in this New Year time might feel that Xmas was at best for them .. just yet another period of painful reflection. 

I'm feeling better than I ever had since my journey began. For me it has been a marker though.. a time to feel my own pulse of healing from heartbreak. If the FitBit I got for Christmas could give a digital readout on that I believe it would be showing positive results. I know it would. Yet again Santa's present to me was the soothing and loving beauty of time passed in the previous twelve months. Time is a careing angel, a constant true friend who continually guides us on our way and never lets us down. I love time with all my heart and I know that she could not rush me along her path. 

Since time stopped for me at the beginning, I have very slowly but surely caught up. I'm not fully up to speed and I'm ok with the idea that I might never reach the same perspective of real time as before. Thats because I'm ok with being changed by everything. I'm ok with me again and who I am. The power of my attachement you see was all encompassing. Thats what happens when you are a normal person, happy and in love or someone who has had to suffer the profound consequences of a broken trust.

"Happy" is relative to all of this and its enough to be bathed in the care of time passed with hope for more in the future. A New Year though it surely is and if Xmas was not what you wanted this year .. I understand and so do many others. Our dreams for better yuletides will be fullfilled in the future as long as time continues her careing watch.

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Thanks for the kind comments and thoughts. It's good to hear the perspectives of others. I hope your first week in 2017 has been a good one.
Another very reflective blog Rocksteady and a timely one - excuse the pun. It's curious that you perceive time as female and a caring, ever-present angel. Yes, time had stopped for us, and somehow left us suspended there above the ether. Yet the seasons came and went by unnoticed. I remember so clearly the first time I noticed hazel catkins in the woods, as though I'd been hibernating through a year long winter.

New Year makes us think about how far we've travelled, so it's good to hear that you've reached a new sense of peace. I usually try not to look back, but sometimes we must to appreciate how far we've come. I've worried about the length of time I've spent grieving, but told myself I just had to let time do its work. When wikis say, it takes as long as it takes, they are right. Severing the ties of all that we loved is very hard. Time heals the wounds, but cannot erase the scars.

It's so good to read that you're feeling better too sungirl and Annie. A bit of pampering never goes amiss Annie!

May 2017 bring you all the peace and love you deserve. xx
I am thankful as each day and week passes by and I become stronger and know it's another step to my new life. My life will not be the same, it's going to be different, and for the want of sounding corny I'm finding a new me! A lot of this is thanks to support from Wiki and two members in particular.
I got through Xmas no tears or regret. New year I sat in bed drinking baileys and eating chocolate watching the London fireworks on TV. AND I enjoyed it! I was no more alone than when the selfish was here!
Thanks Rocksteady for a reminder of how time can be kind., and Sungirl you are right we have no choice but to be patient, that is the hardest thing. Love to all wikis xxxx happy belated New Year.
A lovely piece rocksteady. I'm quite an inpatient person and so sometimes for me time doesn't go quickly enough. But the journey I am on has taught me that I have to be patient through no choice. I've never thought of time passing as a positive thing but I love your sentance ' santas presant to me was the soothing and loving beauty of time passed in the previous twelve months' thank you for sharing