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horrible day

N Updated
Ive had the most horrible day, actually a pretty horrible week. Battling with the ups and downs of single life. I agreed to let my teenage son put another car (he races them) on my driveway at easter for two weeks while he worked on it. He already has one on there and said that one would be going for scrap. well as you know easter was along time ago and they are both still there along with a pile of tyres and a racing frame, my driveway looks like a scrap heap while ex has nothing at his house!Ive been telling him for ages now i want one of them removed but there is always an excuse, he's too busy. I have given him an ultimatum if it isnt gone this week end im getting rid of it. Kids have just told me they are going to Thorpe park sat. Daughters birthday treat and son is racing sunday so yet another weekend will go by. I have told my son that if he has a problem with me getting rid of it then to speak to his dad, only to be faced with a barrage of abuse, 'Dad has to work every weekend to earn money to pay the maintenance im making him pay' basically his dad has been feeding him a load of rubbish, the same crap i get, wo is me, mum is evil making me pay this money ( i only get £400 a month by the way)I feel so upset, i know kids have no idea how much it costs to run a house and look after 2 teenagers, i work full time and im struggling.I feel like he is poisoning my kids against me, i also get 'dad doesnt like you, he hates talking to you' I did nothing wrong it was his dad that had the affair and me that has had to pick up the pieces, sell the family home and buy something smaller, while his dad has just bought a new place with OW. There are obviously so many things i cant tell the kids and have no communication with teenage son. He wont hear a bad word against his poor, hard working dad and im being made out to be the bad one now.

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Well, you can give him the option, that if his Father is so wonderful, he doesn't HAVE to live with you!
Vastra his tirade was so obviously after you had asked him to finance your trip around the world with the kids to see all of your wiki friends ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

I keep getting the "daddy says your stupid, daddy hates you" I now have a normal reply of " thats nice dear do you want spinkles on your ice cream or sauce?""

As for the stuff nicwin, bag it and bin it! I once did it to my eldest who would not for anything tidy her room, we had dirty washing, clean washing, ironing, cups that were growing penicillin etc so I bagged it all up in black bags and stuck out the back door. She soon sorted it out. ;)
That's just outrageous vastra, I can't believe he wanted you to contribute to his holiday, they are unbelievable. I guess I was just having a really low day yesterday. I feel like I'm totally on my own as I get no support or help with the kids from him. An issue comes up and you think I need some backup on this but there is no point in even talking to him about anything as he doesn't reply to my text. It is a lonely life
Be strong - the "dad says you're mean" stuff is just him lashing out because you are setting limits, hurtful as it is. Agree with Haway, give him 2 weeks then its gone! No need to involve your ex, it's your house & your rules. I'm not looking forward to the playing off one parent against the other, that really sucks being the one left to deal with the mess then getting the blame for the financial hardship as well. My ex sent me a tirade about our settlement recently when I declined to contribute to his proposed trip to a tropical resort with OW & kids. The ongoing woe of the poor victimised lovers vs the evil ex.
Just keep the row between you and your son.
Next time.
"Son I'm sick and tired of all that old shoite on my drive. You've got two weeks to get shot of it or I will get the metal clearance to scrap it all."
Leave Dad on his pedastal well out of it.
You see I am always right ;0
all the best