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Is this my 'one'?

B Updated
Is this it now? Continuing my blogs… I thought I would just update. Had a couple of relationships since my divorce. Result of that, including the divorce is one hell of a lot of learning about people and relationship and most importantly, me. First relationship, I didn’t really ever look at myself and decide what I wanted and who I was, I was in it for the wrong reasons, we both were. Second relationship, well, that one was someone who wanted something from it that was never going to happen. So, here we are now Jan 2013. I met a girl last oct, 29th actually, plenty of fish, for all those wondering. She lives local to me. She has her own house, job and car and three adult children who all, at present, live at home. We all think we have found someone special, we all say it each time we are with someone new, that’s what it is, new. But, I know now that this girl is different, to the rest. Something seems to feel very right, I mean very right. There have been a number of situations during our relationship where I have been able to pick up on and compare certain situations. However don’t get me wrong, this isn’t just about comparing this person to past relationships, its just things that you notice. For example when my kids are around she is not phased by anything the kids might say or do and given into that any bad behaviour on their part. Yes I have introduced them but again slowly and over time. As I might have posted from time to time, kids are very astute anyhow. They seemed to suss out we were together the first time we introduced them. She is more open and honest with me than I have experienced before and I know it cant be a false persona as, her kids would have picked that up and taken the mickey. She genuinely cares for me and loves me and considers me so much, as do I her. There is an incredible amount of passion between us and we both feel the same way about each other is any given situation and not just sexually as well. We love just spending time together. So its been just 3 months, but wow, I cant believe its only 3 months. She writes cryptic comments on my calendar about up coming dates she has planned etc and that is very special, wow I think what have I don’t to deserve this, but I am just me, a kind caring thoughtful man that now values any meaningful relationship. Relationships have to be two way, you have to put effort in, to get effort out, that’s where I am now with this person. We have many things planned this year. Consequently we are both looking forward to this year and all the things we can do. We both accept we have our own lives, families, work commitments etc, but we fit in time with each other amongst that, it works well and we make the most of that time, we both hope we have a future together. The way things are just now that looks very good.

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awwwwwww! how lovely. your blog made me smile, a warm fuzzy, kinda that's what it's all about smile then........BOOOMMMM! Hayway reminded me to remind him indoors......... ;D Enjoy it and treasure it xx
Seconded. Good luck to you. Hope this one works out. Sounds as if you are heading in the right direction.
Good luck to you mate! :)
cheers H, its how it normally goes...lol
but, ya never know.
Take no notice of him Bobbin! Good job we know Haway is a big softy really.

We all take chances with relationships,how else would we ever get into them? Take the chance, as it seems this one is different. If you're both happy what's not to like about it?

Best wishes.
3 months awww bless!!
Give it 3 years and the little cryptic notes on the calendar will have turned into "THE IMAGINARY CHORES TO DO LIST!!" ;)
You won't catch me going soft and getting suckered in :P
All the best
HRH xx