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A Updated

I was going to say nothing to report a blog with nothing to add.But on reflection:

My daughter tonight told me that my wife had been last night on the wiki site .I said was she sure?She replied it was my icon picture that she had seen....Quietly I asked my wife if she had been on here? She went crazy shouting at my daughter and me,as if she had sided with the devil.I feel my wife did not get on wiki. But it is strange behaviour from my daughter who is 9 1/2 years old to have told such a lie.

The word DESERVE keeps popping up in my thoughts and conversations.It seems the word is the measure of value one equals to. For hard work,time,patience,skill and knowledge.

IT'S ONLY RIGHT is another sentence used to equate justice and balance.

Despair, sadness , loss and helplessness are not so easily explained away.

Feelings will always be feelings you can not fight them or protect them,they come from deep within you and are unique to you.They are your values and your own experiences of life.

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