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Knowledge of London and it's part in my marriage

H Updated
http://mobile.nytimes.com/blogs/tmagazine/2014/11/10/london-taxi-test-knowledge/?_r=0&referrer= Don't know if this link will work but this is the best article about the trade that I'm trying to break into. The hours and hours of time and blood sweat and tears that it took on me and my marriage. I can't blame it, but it didn't help. Every spare minute looking at a laminated map of London or revising what point of interest is ion what road. Can I turn left there or is it not allowed? Waking up in the middle if the night with thousands of road names rushing round my head, it was breaking me and still is to this day. But I'm determined to finish this for my girls. To give then a future.

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Hope you get through this exam. And don't blame yourself working & studying hard for your marriage breakdown. Your wife made a decision to cheat rather than talk to you. My ex worked awful hours for much of the 18 years of our marriage & spent weeks / months away at times on conferences & rural postings. Cheating never occurred to me, and same for many other surgeon's "widows".
Yes I was thinking about this yesterday, I will get the number as I think I need to talk to a professional. Thanks.
Just going to say this
You were offered councling by your GP at the start if all of this but you never phoned them because of your then work patterns now it seems as though you have a more regular work pattern. I would urge you to give that number a call now because you will not get through this otherwise it will distroy you more than it is already doing and if you do want what is best for your girls then ring that number