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G Updated

Well today is an anniversary of sorts, 1 month since he told me on our 11th anniversary that he had found someone else. He said that they had not "been together" yet but would do.

I spent the first week in shock and worried more about him than me. He is manic depressive and has always wanted something but when he gets it he is still not happy for long!! After supporting him totally for the last 9 years i was now in a position where my world as i new it would change.

What to do? I've since spoke to him several times and we have agreed to divorce and agreed the financials, let's hope he sticks to what is agreed. I have told him i would like us to remain friends. He still lives here but sleeps at hers.

I've often wondered why women or men stay in a relationship where there is some kind of abuse, mental or physical and have realised that i have done just that. I guess it's easy to recognise the physical but not so easy the mental when you're in the middle of it.

What are the good things? It only takes an hour once a week to do my ironing, where before i spent 3. I can come and go as i want to. I can spend money on myself instead of paying off his credit card spending. I have had so much support from my 2 adult children (from previous marriage) and from so many friends who i didn't know i had. I am so fortunate to be financially self suff.

Will have to wait and see how the next few weeks go and if i remain feeling so positive about my life, as i do now.....

We will see

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