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Long Time No Change...

J Updated
Well its been a long time since I wrote on here.

Life is still going on, but with a bit of a twist....

STBX decided to move back into the property.  He also decided he would not contribute towards the bills or indeed pay child maintenance.

There have been a few arguments, his behaviour has been anything from smug to controlling to aggressive.

The business with the car still dwells on his mind to the extent that he comments on the food I buy or wine I drink - even buying a bone for the dog is cause for comment about how he is paying for it.

Mostly we can ignore each other.  He is now working, but is still not contributing.

A couple of weeks ago during an argument he told me he would have to kill me as I was getting no more money from him.

He Comes and picks arguments with me when he is bored.  He did this last week.  He was being aggressive, and in spite of my asking he refused to leave me alone.  I phoned the police (non-emergency) and asked them to speak to him.

They sent someone round.  What I did not realise is that when the police are called to a domestic incident they will not leave both parties in the house.  One person has to leave.

We both refused to leave.  They ended up arresting STBX and taking him away in handcuffs.  He was questioned, admitted what he had said and detained overnight.

The next morning he was charged under section 38(1) - threatening or abusive behaviour.  He accepted a caution and was released without conditions.

The atmosphere is a lot calmer in the house, and we have had someone very interested in the property, so hopefully we will be going our own separate ways in January.

CMS seem to be bogged down with red tape, they cannot do anything quickly.  By the time they manage to put into place some sort of collect and pay for arrears STBX will have changed jobs.

So...I guess my personal rollercoaster is currently on a downward slope but I'm hoping for an upward slope in the future.

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