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madness- or just life

I Updated
Started the day feeling utterly downcast. Leaving for rental, little contact with children, financial mess, mild (man) 'flu symptoms, a divorce to get through, a stbx who is refusing to allow access for me to collect my possessions without a 3rd party official supervisor, etc, etc, etc. Ended day a happy bunny. Chatted to Rod and Jul on Wikivorce. What a wonderful invention this website is. Down and up? Maybe I am bipolar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Igz , I think we have to have a few bad days to show us when we are having the good ones, eventually they get less as we get stronger and more able to cope with them.

If I need cheering up or people to talk to I always go in chat. Its great to know you always have people who understand what you are going through, who will listen and try to cheer you up.These people are now our friends and are there for us.

I think you took a big step forward moving out :)

Take care, onwards and upwards
Nan xxx

Such wise words from Afon. Take them on board because she's right, there is a life out there waiting for you to catch up. You've wasted long enough in an untenable situation and now it's time to go. Do what has to be done to get your things, then close the door on that life and move on.

Best wishes

Ig,we all have those days when everything is just too much!!!!
I have had loads of them throughout this malarkey.
I honestly feel though,that you have to go through the days,as hard as they are,to become stronger and self reliant.

I know that your struggling with a very non compliant woman,and hopefully things will improve soon,get the divorce sorted and be able to move forwards in your life.
The one thing you must cling onto is your sanity,she tried to rob you of that,luckily she was unsuccessful ;) ;)

There definatly is a life to be had,you just have to bide your time to get to it :) :)

Take care
Luv and cwtchs
Afon xx