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mar 26 2013 am

H Updated
not a bad morning. i got up, 22 min on the treadmill, she prepared for a test at school and surfed for tatting patterns she has been interested in on the net. i finished my workout and sat with her and talked about her tatting and that she was stressing about her test today. this is what she sees as recovery. i dare not mention anything of our crisis at hand when she is in a good mood. she will sigh, give her viewpoint of "letting time deal with it" and that would have been the end of our morning. assumptive? i dont think so, we have been married almost 24 yrs and i know how she will react. however, before she left i did get an unprompted hug from her as she was leaving, the first in over 10 yrs. i made i made no mention of this milestone, just enjoyed an embrace with her. and her neck still smells great! it may sound petty but she is not a proponent of "unnecessary" physical contact. except our every other month foray at making love. and with her at school and its about time for me to go to work, i guess its about time to retreat to my cranial stronghold for the day.

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Sorry... not tactile... hmmmm. I found out ex was not tactile with me but was an expert at it with others. She's stressed about exams.. it's about her little bubble right now. Where's that tactility when you need it? It's all about 'give and take'in a relationship and it won't work if one party does all the taking.

A hug can mean a lot or it can mean nothing more than 'thanks'. You need to talk about the deeper issues you have. I hope this is her way of taking that step.

All the best,

No matter who 'prompts' it, there are still 2 people in a hug..
Perhaps she is just lacking the confidence to approach you and be the initiator.

Did you tell her she smells great?

I know we joke about it, but women are not mind readers..
With Pete, she made an effort why dismiss it. Apart from talking have you made any effort to shake her world up apart from talk? It's hard to be proactive when your in the abyss however things look a lot worse when you do nothing. Take any thing from her as a change and effort, being a cynic is easy and you may regret it. Party on!
On the plus side if she's that untactile I doubt she's shagging another bloke...........although come to think of it that never worked out in my marriage for the last 2 years.
All the best
HRH xx