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Married, and in a two way marriage

B Updated
Its beena while, just read my last post, nearly two years ago, cant belive it. Anyhow proposed last feb in copenhagen. We married last october. I never would have believed I could meet such a woman. I am truly happy. I do believe in Karma, it has to be, where there is bad stuff dealt, stay strong be a good person and one day you will be rewarded. She is taking me to africa in the summer for honeymoon, I could not have wished for my life as it is now, however as it was, I was dreading it, especially when the kids had gone, what a boring one sided life it would have been. I am so lucky firstly that I rid of my ex, in a fashion but how lucky to be blessed with my new wife. She is the most sexy thoughtful person ever. Wonderful lovely woman and we have a wonderful relationship. Have hope all that view this blog, one day the sun will shine.

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Congratulations and thanks for coming back to give us hope that karma will come our way too!
Congratulations and wonderful news. All blessings sf
Bobbin! Wonderful to hear there is such a happy ending to your story and thanks for taking the time to come and tells us. It will encourage many wikis who are wondering whether they'll ever be happy again.

Congratulations to you both and enjoy your honeymoon! xx

Bobbin , congratulations !!

Really pleased you are in such a good place. It's great that you came back to let us see the other side of this divorce malarkey , we love a happy ending!!!

Karma for all.

Best wishes xx