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P Updated

What to to with wedding dress - a question I dont know what to do with. Rather petite so hand made and is special to me. Other hand it was wedding to him.


Then the wedding photo's do I put em in a box and pretend the last 10 years of my life never happened?


What about 10 years of photographs , some of family / friend / Christmas and countries I love. Only thing is he is on lots of em.


Reming me when i go on a jolly next (if ever no passport at moment) to take photos of me only and the place. Get the new half to sit out of the family photos and well. Who knows.


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you can't erase the past so I'd store them somewhere out of sight for now and make a decision on what to do with it all in say 6 months or so.
It might cheer you up to know what I did with photos(including wedding photo) around the house......I put little blobs of blutack over his face and drew funny faces on them!!!! Well, I didn't see why the kids and I shouldn't be on wall smiling for all to see. I think it would work just as well with a photo of some famous hunk!!!
Funny how small things like that hit you between the eyes unexpectedly isn't it?? Good Luck.

He's out of your future. You both divorce because you cannot see a future together. Trying to altering your past won't help anything. It's been, it's over - good times and bad. Hurt will fade with time and a nice dress will always be a nice dreaa.
Ooooooh good questions, I've just started thinking of these.

My situation sounds different to yours as I (still) don't hate my X2B. The wedding was and still is the happiest day of my life. I believe that how you feel at the time of the experience is the important thing but that's obviously not the same for everyone.

I will keep the wedding photos if she doesn't want them and I don't know if she will or not. I won't display them but they do mean something to me. Namely, the subsequent 10 years of my life which were good at the time.

Plus, the chances of me getting married ever again are minimal!!!

Being male, I don't have to worry about the wedding dress, I wonder what she'll do with hers. Like yours, custom made and bright red so I guess it could be used for other events.

Other phots I'm not bothered about, never liked my picture being taken on the grounds of being a fat git so no loss there. When I'm the "new me" I'll be glad of no reminders.

And if you ever get a passport you can come over here on holiday and I'll take some pictures for you!! ;D