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Mood swings

D Updated

I experience mood swings a lot, and very quickly. So having my son leave home, come back, leave, come back, several times over one week-end hasn't been easy. He left on Friday, the plan being to stay with his girlfriend next week as he starts a new job close to her on Monday. Then they'd return next week-end to collect furniture they've been given and move into their new flat together.

In fact, they appeared on Saturday to use my scanner to reply quickly with the Tenancy Application Form! They stayed with me for lunch, went to her family for dinner, while I went out to do a murder mystery, got back about the same time as me so we watched Doctor Who and Joseph together, went out to lunch today, then have gone again. After I'd stopped them to point out that they'd left the paperwork behind ....

My daughter stayed home Friday evening to keep me company, persuaded her boyfriend to come here rather than staying at his place. But now she's with him. It's usually just me here at the week-end, as they visit their beloveds. And that's usually difficult. But today is worse, knowing he's not (probably) going to be back till next week-end.

I have to be distracted to stop myself breaking down completely, so it's a case of watching a lot of TV. I haven't found another method that helps.

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