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moving on

D Updated
Hi to all its over a year since i blogged.I have decided 6 years on from the horror of divorce it is now my time to move on.so i will not be contributing to this site anymore and will close my account soon. i feel i need to do this as the final part of my healing proccess. I could not go without saying a massive thankyou to all the people that helped me in the early days, i dont know if i would have survived if i had not found the support i got from all you lovely people on this site, a special mention to mitchum and sunflower, pixie,ruby, nell, and shadow, the list is endless and i apologise if i have missed you out I have also been through cancer in this time and tho i have lost touch i hope nell is coping well with her cancer, its a horrible thing to go through especially without a partner. So how am i these days. Fine and still happy being single. I am content , the only worry being lack of money, i am 55 and have no pension so i am worried about how i will live in the future, i will just have to keep working for ever and ever and ever!!! Just want to say for anyone who has recently started on this journey, you will recover, you will become a stronger , better person, and you will be happy again.I now regret wasting my time thinking about the whys and what ifs life is too short and precious so grab it with both hands and live it and have fun, divorce is an ending but its also a new beginning. love to all carolx

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Good luck Robinson we will always be rocking in the aisles together to Lindisfarne.

Nige x