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MUD (Marriage? Understand Divorce pressure group)

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My divorce was finally over on November 2nd after 33 years with my husband - 27 of them married. It was a shocking experience and has cost tens of thousands of pounds. Nothing has been resolved other than end of marriage. We cannot afford to separate our finances. I told him that at the start but he wouldn't listen. The Judge did. I have learned a lot about the nonsense of marriage within our society.

Is anyone interested in starting a pressure group to enforce a 2 day course before marriage covering

1. the legal responsibilties

2. the financial implications

of marriage AND divorce ???

It could help our children


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It's me - Sarah Gilbert who started this blog - back again with the next horrid step.
What to do when the other person refuses to obey the Court Order?
Could this be day 3 of my proposed compulsory pre-marriage course?

My stuff started in August 2009 with an email from a lawyer saying how sorry he was that my marriage had broken down – the first I knew about any problem!!!

Having gone through the appalling divorce and then the even worse "Ancillary Relief" procedure and got the only sensible result (despite all the assets starting off as mine). In our case it was to carry working as "business" associates - as I told everyone beforehand not all business partners are married. It should be possible to carry on earning as in the previous 33 years.
WELL - Wrong again!
No cooperation from the ex-husband and business partner....... complete cut in communication, telephone calls refused, skype contact cut, the occasional email answered but always negative hence a business plunging into bankruptcy
Now, he has violated the Court Order.
I always understood that breaking a Court Order was a "no-no" with nasty punishments
not in marriage it seems – there are still opportunities to dodge responsibilities to behave.
Two and a half years on the battle starts again – watch this slot!

I think a marriage license would be best if it was like a dog license, perhaps renewable once every five years. Perhaps when considering what they are doing with legal aid next year this might help if they are going to do away with it in divorce case.
I agree, what more can I say??
Never again.
Supercali xx
I'm all for this I could learn some brainwashing techniques.Simple message.
You lose your independent financial rights as an individual and leave yourself open to legalised robbery,and potential homelessness!!
For £70 you sign the most powerful contract ever that legally binds you together financially and to be treated as an individual legally with no clauses that penalise the one that breaks the contract because they feel like it.