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My final chemo!!!!

N Updated
Yesterday I had my final chemo session. Shared the bus with Mum to the hospital, and then she went on home after a lovely Christmas stay with me and my boys. As usual, there were long waits. Appointment was at 11.00 and I got out just after 2.30, but I had sandwiches to eat, a book to read, and other patients to talk to - some of whom were also having their last sessions. The chemo unit was decorated for Christmas so it had a festive air. So now I have bruises on both sides of my tummy from the injections and a bruise from the canula in my hand. But apart from going to see the haematologist for checkups, I'm done. No more twice-weekly weighings, blood tests, candulas and jabs! I feel fairly good, though I am a little anaemic. But this was the best possible Christmas present. I'm hoping things will continue to improve when I have my full MOT at the National Amyloidosis Centre in April. Thanks for all the support on this site. It has been priceless. XXX

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Great news happy new year xxxx
What great news to go into the New Year with, all the best for the coming year xxx
Fantastic news Nell. This year has been tough for you and your family, yet you found it in your heart to reach out to support others when you were suffering so much. You are an amazing lady! How nice that you had a lovely time with your Mum and the boys.

So with 2015 almost here, I send love and positive thoughts for a far happier year ahead. Hugs! xx
Great news Nell :D :D

You are a source of inspiration to many.
You have been there for others,whilst going through your own troubles.
There are not many in this world have the empathy for that...

May your New Year be Blessed with peace,good health and happines for you and your family...

Afon Xxx
fantastic News! Happy New Year!
As Christmas presents go, I would say this is a priceless one.

I hope everything continues to go well for you Nell and may I wish you all the very best for the New Year

LG xXx
Well done Nell. Congratulations! And a happy new year!
Wonderful news. Wishing you a great new year.