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My life a crazy soap opera

A bit of background, I have been separated for nearly two and a half years. Post separation like many it seems, I took up running. Initially it was forest gump style, no aim or reason other than to replace one pain with another. Now I run for myself, plan my calender around races. I have a new group of friends. Most surprising have been my results, In the last year I have run four marathons with better times in each and recently ran an ultamarathon 65 kilometers and came second. A year ago I was in a relationship with someone over 20 years younger, She adored me but I felt the relationship had no future. (She had come over to visit her Aunt for an extended holiday so was a long way from home). I didn't know how to end it and to my regret I let it continue for far to long. She suffered from depression an talked of suicide. Eventually I was able to take a week off work to share the three day drive back to her parents. Fairly anxious about meeting them as they are the same age as me. Three days later I took a flight home leaving her brokenhearted at the airport, an image I still find quite haunting. Roll forward. I have always had a good friendship with her Aunt (who became single after a shortish relationship during this time). Well the friendship developed further and we are both really happy and really feel we have a future together. The Aunt has gone to visit family for a few days, she wasn't going to tell anyone just yet but the niece (who has really struggled to move on) asked if it would be OK if she could fly over and stay for a couple of weeks, so tomorrow they are meeting up for lunch and the Aunt has the delicate and unenviable task of telling her

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Thanks for the replies. Vastra the sub three hour marathon is still eluding me, I know I can do it as I outran a couple of 2.45 marathon runners in the ultra. I have another marathon in three weeks but wont have fully recovered from the ultra so see how it goes.

My new partner had to tell her niece as she was planning to visit in the new year. the conversation probably went as well as could be expected and i hope that over time things will be ok.
Ah the old letting the girl carry on thinking its all hunky dory through fear of hurting her stuff. Many a man has been there! Me included. In the end you have to face up to your own happiness and do what is right for you. Living a lie never works.

Moving on with someone close will be traumatic for her if (IF) she still has feelings for you.... best of luck with that and I hope niece and aunt can keep their relationship strong.

Well done Sturmer, I hope you made your 3hr goal! You are very inspiring for all us divorce recovery runners :)
Don't envy that conversation from the aunt, could it wait or do you feel it needs to be said to her directly in case she finds out through other people?