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My Tale cont.

W Updated
Thanks all. I actually already take antidepressants. I tried to reduce them last year but felt very wobbly so upped my dose again. Not good. My youngest said I didn't handle the separation-divorce situation very well, which I accept. It only took my ex two months to hook up with a bloke she had known for 20 years and with whom she had worked previously. He divorced his wife not long after. Go figure. I reckon I'm a fall guy. I'm looking forward to the Spring so I can bury myself (figuratively) in the garden. That should take my mind off things. I've reduced my alcohol intake which is good health wise but only means I'm even more bored during the week! Can't win. Perhaps I'll take up sailing at the local club. Things will get better but I have to work at it, no-one is going to do it for me!

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Thanks. I really don't feel positive though! 😢
Hi Winter Frost

Strikes me that your last sentence is full of positivity. The realisation that only we can change things and that no one can do it for us is scary, but turned on its head if we are able to and in the right frame of mind it is empowering as it means we are in control as much as we ever can be. Things will get better (especially if you tell yourself they will!) and Spring will soon be here. Best Wishes.