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new year

I Updated
Quite a while since I've been on.

Survived another court hearing where I try once again to enforce the terms of our financial order.  Will we ever get the family home sold?  Will my ex ever account for her expenditure on our business?- lots of mysterious cash withdrawals and frather fewer receipts.  Our jolly judge rules that my ex must respond to our estate agent's advice in days rather than weeks and she has to at least write an essay on where the money has gone.

Our agent's advice is now formally not taken within hours!  I have another pile of the same old receipts and have learnt that the rental flats were almost constantly full to overflowing!

No Xmas or birthday cards sent to either daughter as I still face arrest if I contact my daughter.  I continue to chase the police to find out if it was really my daughter who went in to complain that "numerous emails" were harassment.  (Ex had previously invented a character to negotiate the property deal who then vanished when challenged.)  Cops have admitted that they had heard of nothing threatening in any email that I had sent to my daughter- "just family matters"- and most bizarrely that the email that they saw was sent to them by my ex rather than by my daughter.

Today I hear that ex is now at war with one of the neighbours and another neighbour asks me how best to deal with this.  My advice...."She will never be happy unless you do exactly what she wants- and even then she will then decide she wants somethig better."

Only a few more years to go before all this nonsense is over.

Wishing all Wikis a happy and prosperous new year.

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Thank you, Bubblegum.
Yes, serious endurance test continuing.
Thanks for the good wishes.
Oh my... divorcing your wife seems like the ultimate endurance test! I don't know where you find the strength. At least the indication from the cops that the emails were not inappropriate and the fact that they were sent in by the ex wife, may give you some hope as far as your relationship with your daughters goes.
Stay strong and I wish you the best for 2017!
B xx
Thanks, Rock.
Bending with the wind over here.
May be up, may be arrested at any moment if the ex invents some more emails or whatever. :(
2017 business tax returns will go in in January 2018 so ex's input may be required for quite some time.
Feeling for you.. Stay Strong ... The only way is up in 2017