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No House Yet

Just thought I would post an update on my situation. It's been over three years since my ex decided she did not want to be with me anymore. The fall out from which resulted in her getting the house as I didn't want to stay somewhere she had stained with her affair (s). The payoff I got was measely given we were skint from putting her through Uni and the poor state of the economy. Not worth persuing her for more, said my sol, as there isn't enough to cover sols costs. So I ended up back at my mums trying to get my head around the bombshell of my life being torn apart, hanging onto anything to keep my head above water and only my two wonderful children kept me from going insane. I had to appear strong for them. 3 yrs on and I have been house hunting for the last 6 months, but finding somewhere to live that would be a safe area for the children, closer to my ailing Dad and within my price range is difficult to say the least. Looks like another Xmas at my mums and lord knows she loves having us there?????? but I need my own space and so do the children. At least it's my turn to have them for Xmas this year. Good luck to everyone going through this wringer.

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You are not just finding a house... its a home you need fella. And that is tough to find. You will walk into somewhere soon and know its right.

Onwards ad Upwards

I had to leave my house because of my ex husband using it as a base for his affair so I know how you must have felt.

I live in a shared house now, miles away from where it all happened, but some days a part of me yearns to be back in that house trying to make it all work again.

I thnk we just need time to get over the hurt and pain.

Take care

It's taken me over three years and it's finally happened. Hang on in, it will come.

3years on,and look how much you as a person have changed ;)
Maybe at times a little not sure of your own self worth,but you are really so much more confidant as a person...

Your house will come in due course,when the the right one is there for you all.Yes there are many aspects that come into the equation,but all of these will at some point gel together,and that home is waiting for you all. All I know is that home will be filled with love and laughter,Oh and some cooking..Lol..

Enjoy your xmas J,it will all okay,just think of how much Xmas will mean for your Mam and the extended family.

Hopefully will catch up before then...
S Xxx

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