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It's 4 weeks since I moved out of my family home and I am still waiting to complete the sale of my new house , the delay is due to the seller having his ex partners names on the title deeds and not having them changed when they split up, she has refused to sign the transfer deeds so he has to get a judge to approve the sale. I have been told this could take a couple of weeks. Warning to you all , get your ex off the deeds when you split up! I am staying with my friend and her family, who are being very kind to me , but it's beginning to get to me now, I just want to be in my own house with all my things. I keep thinking of something I want that is in storage , as I didn't think it would be as long as this. For example, I could do with more summery clothes in the nice weather we have been having , I ended up having to buy some things :) Also I have had lots of problems with everything to do with moving out of the old house, Virgin Media have messed up the transfer of my account, the Royal Mail have delivered some of my post to my exs new address ( we are both having our mail redirected ) , the Council have sent the Council tax bill addressed to the new owner of my house to my new address. Is it just me or does this happen to everyone ?

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It will all be worth it in the end! It must be frustrating not being able to access your summer clothes etc. Irritations of dealing with utility companies, redirected post etc are frustrating but, to me, seem nothing compared to hellish time of feeling stuck and uncertainty previously experienced. Thing is Xargie - you may not be where you want to be yet but have made a massive leap forward. Hope delay not for too much longer.
Ugh I feel for you as I'm about to move in 2 weeks, though the legal process here is much simpler. Know what you mean about packing stuff then needing it and having to buy another in the meantime. You're almost at the end of this long stressful process, just a little longer!
Xargle this time of limbo must be very frustrating, especially with all the irritations of misdirected post and so on. I'm sure that much is the same for everyone and am steeling myself for when my own turn comes and I have to spend hours chasing utilities, insurances etc. it will all be worth it in the end. Hang on in there and try to stay zen.