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Out with the Families on the demos

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I am having a break   from the 2004-2006 diaries as this week 18th - 22nd August 2008  is  the start of yet more  demos, this time with street acting , so I have been out with the other families turning up outside the courts  in  Luton, Hemel & Watford on the Hercules bus.

We go back to 2005 from the Fassit forum. About a 100 people turned up  back then in 2005   to a meeting chaired by John Hemmings Lib dem MP for Birmingham in the  council chambers. Justice for Families was launched to help support families navigate through the corruption of closed court.

So where are we 3 years down the line? ”The answer to this is:" this is we  are all struggling on regardless turning up for demos ,also trying to work are own cases”.

There is still as yet note NO work shop for help with the paperwork which was said to be starting up to help parents who have sacked their solicitors and gone on to fight their cases.

Just maybe an MP will progress to getting government funding to help such stoic families,this surely would be a sound investment  in the long run, it WILL save so much for the tax-payer.

Moving on now some of those parents have had the insight, or good fortunate to  have escaped this country, whilst  managing to take with them  their precious  children, in fact they are  turning their backs on this country in search of a better quality of life for their children ,and who can blame them .So we will have to say  good luck to them long may they run.

Rather than face a closed trial here in the UK ,if this keeps up then the courts will have to consider changes in lifestyle people in society really want and not reclassification of alleged child abuse trumped up cases in closed court.

This week saw parents  board a double decker bus which eventually is heading out to europe with their cases .We all say the same this draconian rule has simply got to stop, the public & the media should now be allowed inside to stop these kangeroo trials taking place. The identity of the child can still be kept  anon. The other Identities of Experts & social Workers can not be kept anon. Only when this request is accepted in the public interest,then  we will see fairer trials  in (closed )court.

What is interesting is the children, they seem more clued up than the general public, as we all know  gossip is bad for business. I wondered, after being subjected to the insider dealings of court just were their future vote will go, also what career will these children  go into when they are adults.

I was left without any  doubt these are the next generation coming through a system in the future as  parents ,who will be armed with and prepared for the arrival of the corporate parent: looking for future generations of likely targets for adoption or children being abducted by the state for want of a better word.I  have to say eugenics is very much the guideline which has been handed down since Margaret Thatcher's day, Margaret Thatchers child ! meet the children on the bus they are adamant in saying no to your ideology. 

Thanks for having me on board the bus I enjoyed seeing everyone again & look forward to the update on the demos.

A special thank you to Arnie who done the first of the many videos released on You Tube well done everyone keep up the good work.



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