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PIN (Police Information Notice)-Harassment Warning Notice


Because signing a Police Information Notice does not mean admitting any wrongdoing, there is no right of appeal.

In 2015, a government report acknowledged that the lack of any procedure for appealing against a PIN "can feel very unfair to recipients".

"If somebody takes a dislike to you, they can make an allegation and you can be slapped with one of these notices," said Jordan.

"The notices last about a year, but I've since found out they can stay on your record for longer. The police are aware they are less than perfect."


User comments

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Sounds like another weapon that bullies can use to harass and intimidate without any risk to themselves. Is that a service the police should provide.?
I have never heard of this before, I wonder if I could use one against my ex I would just have to show the regular pattern of abusive text messages from her going back 2 to 3 years.
I didn't sign. Cops agreed to email it to me as I avoid giving out my new address due to all the old death threats. However it will appear on any check until I can get it all sorted out. Months of back-and-forth with cops getting nowhere, so next will be a formal complaint.....sigh.
You are under no obligation to sign a PIN and should refuse to do so and then seek legal advice. PINs are completely one sided allegations. Sometimes they are true and sometimes fabricated. They are open to abuse so don't sign one.