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Sailing club update

W Updated
Well, nothing to report unfortunately, I still haven't been as there's always something else to do. I'm decorating a bedroom (still got to paint it) and I've had the kitchen done so now I'm thinking of selling the house I only bought 4 months ago. Silly, I know but those roots refuse to grow. I don't belong here. I've had a crap week at work having to be the manager and sort out the office bickering which would be hard for someone who wasn't depressed. No-one at work knows what state my mind is in. I feel like jacking it in and I could but then I really would have to sell the house! Anyway, another lonely day ahead. I'll buy some paint for the bedroom (still not decided on the colour, that's where the ex would have come in useful) and a light for the kitchen. Exciting day, not. On the positive side, I felt once or twice this week slightly different, dare I say positive? Perhaps things are sorting themselves out. Also, going on holiday on Tuesday with the family to celebrate my dad's birthday so something to look forward to! Anyway, I'll stop rambling now. WF

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Have a lovely holiday. Leave all the baggage behind. Tell yourself that for that week nothing is going to change, so it can wait til you get back. At least you will give yourself a break.
Its my stbx`s birthday today, I did remind the kids but have not contacted him. Could`nt bear not to send him anything for Christmas, but a month and a bit down the road, I could`nt be bothered to send anything for his birthday.
Little steps. I was truly heartbroken when my stbx left, could barely drag myself to work. Thank god for my animals, because they needed me to look after them, so I had to get up and out.
My Nisi will be ordered on Monday, I thought I would be distraught but actually now want to free myself and sort my life out for me.
Stay strong, enjoy the holiday for all the right reasons. its for your dad so do it for him