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screw me over

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I got a phone call at 3am after my daughter's birthday party. It was my husband, drunk, phoning from his office. He kept insisting that there was something very important he had to tell me but couldn't because of our impending divorce; that if I emailed him five examples of why I've been a bad wife then he could divulge this very important information.

He must think I'm really stupid.

His phone calls continued until 6am. I was exhausted after my daughter's birthday, I had coped with the whole party alone because he had decided to ditch us and go clubbing in London, and he had the audacity to try and screw me over. He had honestly expected me to admit to unreasonable behaviour in writing. How little he must think of me. How little he knows me.

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Yet again, polite words fail me with your dear husband and his antics. He is so transparently weak, lily livered, cruel, manpulative, childish, selfish etc etc. I really hope that you still have that fire in your belly to get rid and move on. Because he really is not worth shedding any tears or wasting any emotion on. Be rady to record any silliness like this, and download any text messages he sends to you, You may need to gather a body of evidence for harrassment. Keep a diary of anything like this, with dates, times and what happened. You simply don't need this. What a complete *&^%$()^%$$! Enough said! Mike
Record the phone call and take it to your sol. That's harassment.
Hi Frankie, I would have just switched the phone off, or if it carries on change your number. Why are people so nasty and stupid, we all have to try and get on, espeically when there are kids.
Be strong and tell him where to go
What a stupid nasty trick he tried to play there. Good on you for seeing through it. And its very good to hear you sounding stronger Frankie.

All the best

Rosie xx