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self representation

R Updated
Anyone got any advice on self representation? I have left this late I know but the initial FDA hearing is in Tunbridge Wells and I'm thinking of the cost of my solicitors time there and back.. Punitive! I've applied for it to be rescheduled in London.

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Thanks.. i think that the money should be spent as the rsults will affect me and mine for the rest of my days. I guess if I was 10 years younger or more I could manage to recover..but at my tender age.. if I screw up it will be game over.
So I'm paying for the solicitor..
Hi run so sorry to hear about you dad it cant be easy for you but you are such a strong person but it sounds like you have got a lot going on in your life at this moment in time what with your daughter leaving a you in court soon I represented myself and it didnt go very well and im going for my final hearing next month but it costs a fortune to have a solicitor but im having one this time all you have ever done in life is be a good person you go in court room a treated like crap its terrible it depends if you can afford one my ex cant even look me in face when I go I see what he did to me a are children you have got some good friends on here run thinking of you at this terrible time good luck with everything and think of the memories that you had with your dad and you were there holding is hand when he needed you take care and keep in touch
Run$it post this in the Forum and you'll very soon get responses.