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Should it be so difficult to get divorced?

T Updated
Going through the process of divorce, I am often struck with the question: how come this is so difficult? Although it's not exactly stress-free in most cases, neither emotionally or financially, to get married it's such a simple process. If you wanted to, you could have a cheap, simple marriage and be recognised by the law as a married couple in no time at all. The Guardian  wrote that it usually costs £7500 but you could easily do it for under £1000. But with divorce, it's such a needlessly complicated process. You obviously can't remove the emotional distress from it, nor should it be something that can be rushed to avoid impulse separations, but the legal process is nevertheless pain-inducing. Surely it shouldn't require experienced divorce solicitors, it shouldn't take so long and it shouldn't so as difficult to understand as it is. There is a great article I read on BlogHer recently about how this is only heightened for parents with children too - I have two of my own and can attest to this, as many others will be able to as well. On top of the complex documentation, hours spent talking to solicitors and forms, etc. it's just too much.{!jomcomment}

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