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Speck of Dust

E Updated
Has anyone been listening to the Woman's Hour Drama this week? I was listening to the first episode with half an ear and suddenly sat up straight. It is very interesting hearing the scenes of your own recent past played out in that way. Some of it rings so true from my own life and others, though I have to say you never hear her cry... As with so many of us, the bolt hits at an inconvenient time, when there are other crises going on. And the departing spouse? Well, had I not been through it myself I would have thought his portrayal utterly unrealistic. Now I have experienced far worse, and know how common the behaviour is. (Though I had to laugh when he took the bed!) If anyone is feeling up to it, I recommend. Can't wait to see what happens next.

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Yes, I listened. I work during the day, but the repeat is at 19.45 each evening, but you can get the omnibus on R4X and listen to that on catch-up. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06sb14w .

It's not quite relevant to my own situation and It was a little frustrating in that she seemed to let him get away with not paying any maintenance towards the children and tried hang on to the family home by buying him out when she could not afford it. But as a an illustration of how your life can fall apart through no fault of your own, it was electrifying.
On R4, weekdays between about 10.45 and 11 they have a drama, typically five episodes per drama, M-F. It is repeated each day in the evenings, not sure what time.
Not listened - what channel now I have a few days off?
What is the women's hour drama???