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still going on

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Its been a year and 9months since i last wrote a blog on this site and still nothing has changed, my partner and his "should be by now ex wife" are still married and there is still no date for the final hearing, he has already given her everything and just wants a clean break so i dont understand why this is continuing? he has not had access to his kids since all this started as she wont allow it, we cant move on and find our own place til we know where we stand financally and its taking so long!!!

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My on off partner is back with 2nd stbx. She left Jan and UB is the divorce. She wants 200,000.00, a car, a 14,000 a year salary (she doesn't work) and now more maintenance. As a result his sol said pay her what she wants, so he goes back Friday till Sunday to try and make another go of it. The fifth time now. He comes back angry and depressed as they have rowed all weekend, then by Wednesday he misses her. His children and family despair, but he has to do it. She is nuts and she is bringing him down. I've backed off, it hurts so much, but can't do the yo-yoing anymore. I miss him and love him so very much, I have from day one, hope he will see through the deceipt soon. I have tried to get through to him, but he tells him she loves him and that I am only after his money! I have 200k home and flash car and good job...but she sees him as a possession, that no-one else can have. 3 year marriage and no kids! Second time she has left. I haven't met anyone yet who has a good word to say about her.
i am in the same boat i seperated from my wife in december 2004 she turned up to none of the divorce hearings we are living in france so had to be done here now the judge has just thrown it out we have to divorce in england but one person needs to live there for at least 6 months which she does but she wont divorce we are both with other people but she just wont divorce