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Was on a pedeatric first aid course today, so away from usual work environment. Had bad day yesterday, and cried all the way to course this morning.

Day was ok, nice people, chance to focus on other things. Went to gym on way home, did 5.5 km on treadmill, felt really comfortable (mainly because I could see myself running in mirror, and was chanting to myself as I ran "she will get fat, she will get varicose veins, she already has more wrinkles than me, her boobs will go saggy - childish I know, but heyho)

Got home, and had just got into shower when phone rang, one of the children answered. When I got out of the shower, my son told me that it was his grandma (his dad's mum - who I havent spoken to for years) and she wanted me to call her back. This I did, and she said that my exhusband had told her what had happened about stbx leaving, and she just wanted me to know that she was really sorry and that she was thinking about me. How lovely was that? This is the mother of the man I left when my kids were little to be with stbx, who I treated horrendously and who I put through all the bad stuff I am now going through myself, and she was letting me know that she felt for me, and that things would get better with time.

What a nice, caring woman. It was very unexpected, but I can't tell you how nice it was to have her support and concern for me after all I have done. There are some really good people out there!

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How lovely. It does go to show there are some lovely people out there x