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The roller coaster suddenly got wild

E Updated
A couple of days ago it all seemed quite simple.... FDR tomorrow. A bit of cash / assets to haggle over and all done... then let the sol finalise the divorce. Then the Sol sent all the finances and statement of the position off to the Barrister and then the curve ball comes flying back... you havent included this and thats a mistake, why are we not making this point etc. The barrister thinks the differance in the finances attributed to each side is way higher in her favour. "We should at least start from a higher position". After discussion we have asked for a financial order for her to pay me off to end it all. Its 50% of the differance. The worrying bit is the differance has a few if's and buts attached. Going to ring the help line today to make sure my Barrister isnt just getting gun ho! She feels I am rolling over too easily and she has a good chance of winning the big arguements. I have only met her once but she was impressive in court last time. I am not great at this "letting someone fight your corner" stuff... need to trust her to do her job. Strangely calm today. Maybe its because i was settled on an amount i would leave court with tomorrow to continue my life and now it appears..... (appears is the problem...) that that could have been underestimated. I am settled on worse case scenario.... but my fingers are crossed!

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Thanks wikimates ;)
Good luck and let us know how it goes x
Whatever happens today, tomorrow is when your future can really begin. xx
Good luck we will all be with you and keeping my fingers crossed for you xxxx
just a good luck from me. Hold your head high, she might break the finances for awhile, but not your spirit xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sorry hun,this is gone beyond a comic strip now.
I thought and hoped that tomorrow would bring you some closure,and enable you to plan your future.
Stay positive,although it is looking bleak at the moment..
Your not walking in there alone tomorrow,your walking in with the support of your friends,your family and more importantly,your self respect :) :) :) :)

Massive cwtchs
Sand Xxx
Planning on the basis of the worst case scenario is always a good idea. At least you can't be disappointed. Good luck. It really is time you could make proper plans for the future. ((()))