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Sorry if anything is hard to follow or fragmented but I'm pretty much just venting and expelling my thoughts as and how they come out. I may go back and tidy thing up a bit, but by and large it is how it came out. So anyhoo, I come home from work to find the petition for divorce on my door mat finally after a long slog of greedy selfish want want want you cant have shit communications. Still it would of been nice to be sent a copy in advance so I could advise of any "inaccuracies" but ho hum at least shes finally done something for a change. The grounds are my unreasonable behavior but to be honest the reasons quoted I'm not really overly bothered about. They are just words and a means to an end despite how she's tried to get a rise out of me over their content. No I don't agree with the majority of the half-truths put as reasons, but not enough to want to waste time and money by defending. I will advise that I accept the marriage is over but object to the reasons. I'll also state I reserve my right to defend against them if they're brought up at a later date on the form, just in case. What I do find astounding is the request for me to pay costs, and then handwritten underneath "limited to 50% of petitioner's costs inclusive of VAT and disbursements". I guess that's going to be a big fat Yes to Q6 of the acknowledgment of service. I will of course offer to pay half the court costs but not her solicitors fees as I have my own solicitor fees and I'm paying for the full mortgage payments every month on the FMH. Its either that or I skip a mortgage payment and put a nice big black mark against both our names financially in order to pay her fees. Yeah I probably won't do that anyways as I don't want to screw up my good credit rating in any way. But it's nice to dream huh? In general thought I'm feeling pretty calm and collected about things. My conscience is clear as I've been completely honest to date. Just to make sure I don't stuff up the paperwork, even with all the homework I've done, I've opted for a Wiki respondent divorce service just for piece of mind. The financial side of things however is going to be whole different nightmare I feel . . .

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Knowing that you've been totally honest gives you a sense of calm I think. The reasons cited can sometimes wound, but at the end of the day, if the marriage has ended it's best to do what you've done and accept the marriage is over but reject the reasons as stated.

When the financial settlement begins post in the Forum for advice. Concentrate on the new beginnings opening up for you.