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This is only temporary...

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I am experiencing a real low at the minute. It's been days of feeling like all hope is lost and not being able to see an end in sight. I had to take the day off work yesterday because I simply couldn't drag myself off the sofa. I spent most of the day trying to work out what my options are, what I could do to lessen the pain. Most of my plans involved running away from it all. I did spend a lot of time reading old blogs. I can recommend Shoegirl for some real words of wisdom and it's heartening to see that people are leaving Wikivorce as they feel they've reached a point where they can continue with life on their own. I am pleased for them. But then I see how long it's been since they joined and I feel stressed and worried for the future. All of this culminated in a meltdown this morning with my boss. I am lucky, I do think I have the best boss ever. Not only has she been through a traumatic divorce herself, she is a super smart lady and knows what to say to get me back on my feet. So, this is only temporary. This life crushing low will pass and I will feel almost normal again. A different kind of normal.

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Thank you HeadKnowsHeartDoesnt. I am finding posting very therapeutic. It felt a little yesterday like the storm broke and afterwards things just seemed to get better. And you're right, there are people here who have gone through/are going through much worse times than I am, so I need to remember that. Thanks again.
Sorry you are feeling so low. Keep in your mind things will get better. I remember feeling at rock bottom. When you are there the only way is up by taking baby steps. It looks like you are taking support from people around you that's a good thing.

I felt like a victim at first then I found this site. It's good to read others blogs. It made me feel not so alone and I soon realised other people had endured so much more than me that I got to thinking my situation wasn't that bad.

You probably won't believe it but you will feel better eventually. Posting is its own therapy