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This weekend...

My plans for this weekend have well and truly fallen apart. I had intended to be at Alt-Fest in Kettering. Seeing lots of bands I love, a load that I have never heard of, but would probably like, drinking beer and having fun. The festival has been cancelled. To make matters worse, the company I booked the tickets through seems to have gone into liquidation. So I may not even get a refund. Its not a massive amount of money. Only £123, but its the principle that matters to me. I handed them my money in good faith, and they have failed to deliver the goods. So instead I am off to Glasgow, visiting my friends and going out for dinner. They were meant to be at the same festival so theyre at a bit of a loose end too. At least in four weeks time I am off on holiday. An old friend from Germany is coming to Scotland and we are going to go be touristy and see my beautiful country together. I hope that will make up for the loss of the festival. So I am packing my stuff, and getting the car packed. There will be alcohol involved at some point later ;)

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I am actually getting my son today. An extra ad hoc day. Going swimming. Sadly cant have him overnight because I am working at 4am tomorrow.

Yeah... four ay em.... Jeebus getting up is gonna be nasty :(
What a shame your festival fell through and your son wasn't available to spend one of your scarce weekends off because of your shift patterns with you either.My weekend your weekend is such a bind.
Oh well Glasgow it is then, just have to make the best of it.
Hi. Have a good holiday.

Things never do go as planned, especially if it is something you are looking forward to.

Long story, but I have somehow managed to alienate my entire family over a wedding that I wasn't invited to.

Take care

Jules M

Hey Stumpylad70, hope your weekend wasn't an entire wash out and that you managed to have a good time with your mates despite the disappointment caused by the ticket fiasco. Have a great holiday
in 4 weeks!