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Three steps forward, two steps back

B Updated
I was chatting to my boss yesterday and she asked me how I was feeling. Three steps forward and two steps back was my reply and yesterday very much fitted that description. Where I live, you have to have a work permit to be a resident. It's a complex and stressful process but yesterday I found out that my latest permit has been granted. This means I can move forward with getting the house transferred over into my sole ownership and complete the mortgage application and I can start the process of shipping all my things from the UK. It means I know here I am going to be for the next two years. Then I found out that my beautiful dog has a bad form of cancer that can't be operated on. The vet knows my situation and was so terribly sorry. Such kindness I've been shown from surprising sources. The vet is going to try and get a medicine from abroad which has been shown to shrink cancers very effectively, extending the life of dogs while still keeping their quality of life. My dog, which just a few weeks ago was 'our dog', has been my rock. She's been the reason why I have to get up in the morning. The reason why I am not lying on the sofa in my PJ's every night. She is my bedfellow and my beach walk partner. She's the movement in the house when otherwise it would be still. She is my date when I'm meeting friends for a drink and she doesn't mind if I cry or laugh, she's just always there. I know that in all likelihood, I will have quite a few months with her still, maybe even more than a year, and that I will be in a different emotional place at that point, but right now the thought of losing her is hard to bear.

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